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non diver activities

We're often asked if non-divers can join these tours as an observer or just spend time at the lodge while their significant other dives.  The answer is yes, your welcome to come along and join us.  All our tours have snorkeling built into them, so there is the option to swim on the surface.  Or stay at the lodge during the day and relax in the common room, read a book on the beach front deck or just rest in your room and join us on the evening skiff excursions.  Its entirely up to you!



With ample beachfront in front the lodge, we encourage guests to look for new and exciting treasures that come with ever tidal change.  Low tides allow for an often over looked eco system teeming with life.  If you’ve got a macro lens, then bring it down for and you’ll see yourself easily entertained with all the little creatures that inhabit the area.



hiking 240 private acres

The lodge has the largest privately owned parcel of land in Prince William Sound.  There is an old trail that travelling up the mountain side behind the lodge, allowing for amazing views of the port and the white capped mountains that surround us.  You’ll many different tiers of ecosystems, from meadows, to waterfalls, to old growth tree’s and a turn of the century copper/gold mine at the top.

alaska waterfall



For those who would rather enjoy standing up, try one of our very hardy paddleboards.  Specially designed for alaskan waters, these boards are extra wide for stability with high sides so even shoes won't get wet while out skirting the shoreline.  There are a total of 7 paddleboards.  They come complete with paddles and life jackets with general orientation.

jackson kayak paddleboard


private helicopter rides

For those adventures souls that want a life changing expereince, take a flight with Vertical Solutions Helicopters.  This is one to add to the "bucket list" of must do things to do before leaving Alaska.  This ever changing landscape of snow and ice is something that you can't fully grasp from ocean level.  VS's skilled heli pilots will pick you up directly from the lodge and fly you arond to icy-blue mammoth glaciers.  Giving you a birds eye perspective of just how big they truley are!  This is an add on adventure and will cost extra.  Rates via on group size and flight length.