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tour rates

We offer different packages for different seasons here at the lodge.  For more information regarding single or group trips, please contact us.  All rates are based on double occupancy rooms.  We can also customize trips to cater to film crews, divers and photographers.  Just let us know what your thinking or would like to do!


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Animal sightings

These excursions are only offered at peak times during the summer.  But there are NO GUARNTEE'S that you will see a shark, jellyfish bloom, eagle, bear, whale, salmon/halibut or other species.  These are wild animals in the open ocean and on land.  They are free to travel vast distances at any given time.  Weather, food sources and other unknown factors may bring animals to arrive/depart the area sooner or arrive/depart later in the summer.

Special Dietary Restrictions

Please give us advance notice if you have any food allergies.  We will do our best to accommodate you within reason, but are limited to Valdez, AK for any special food items.  With prior notice, we will be better able to serve you.

Your safety in a remote area

Snorkeling and Diving in remote Alaska can be dangerous if divers to not adhere to their own safety.  There is no decompression chamber in our area and medical services can be hours away depending on weather conditions.  Divers looking for dangerous stunts or making deep dives are asked to stay home.  Sharks can be unpredictable and guests choose to swim without the use of a cage of their own free will.  Dive insurance and proof of "C" card dive certification is required for all divers.  No exceptions.

Reservation Deposit

We accept payment in the form of money orders, cashier's checks and/or credit cards.  We request that any incidental purchases made while at the lodge or any gratuities, be made with cash.

Cancellation policy

Both the deposit, 2nd payment and final payment are non-refundable.  Please safeguard your investment with trip cancellation insurance.  In the event of a cancellation, payments will NOT be refunded.  Upon making your deposit, you are committing to the confirmed trip dates.  We HIGHLY recommend that each customer purchase trip cancellation insurance.  North 60 Adventures will not be responsible for loss of personal property, cancellations or delays due to weather.